A podcast for real estate agents, lenders and accountants/CPAs that serve real estate investors. Learn how to attract and better serve real estate investors.

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Buying a Property Checklist

James discusses the importance of using a checklist for buying properties and shares info on his personal checklist.

Why Work with Real Estate Bird Dogs

James discusses what bird dogs, wholesalers, and other types of real estate investors are. Plus, the pros and cons of working with bird dogs when you're a real estate ...

Business Philosophy

James talks about his business philosophy included in his client book in this episode.

1 Year Anniversary Recap

Not our typical podcast content, but a peek inside the first year of our real estate investing podcast business on the 1-year anniversary.

My Process - The Lifecycle of a Real Estate Investing Class

James walks you through his entire process of teaching a real estate investing class from conception to fully published.

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